We have a large selection of shipping and storage containers to buy.


Container Sales

Our pre-used containers are carefully selected and guaranteed to be wind and watertight. They are available in standard sizes of 10ft 20ft 30ft or 40ft as well as High Cubes in 40ft and 45ft. We also have non-standard sizes and formats for sale The cosmetic condition can vary depending on the previous use of the box and this is reflected in the individual price. We have a reputation for supplying high quality containers at competitive prices.

Storage containers can be modified to your specification.We can carry out conversions such as partitions, external and internal doors, shuttered windows etc. See our gallery for ideas.

Lock boxes can be fitted to storage containers to hide the padlock from view and provide a higher degree of security. We can paint containers in any colour of your choice, including corporate colours, and we can customise your container with your own company logo and graphics. Our Shipping containers are fully inspected and are CSC certified and this guarantees them fit for shipping cargo overseas.

We can arrange delivery of your container or you can arrange for it to be collected. In the UK your container will come delivered by lorry mounted crane (HIAB).

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